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Arthur C. Jones, co-editor-in-chief and co-publisher.

Writing is Art’s forte and he does it “good.” Art blends a sense of country “sophistication” with a “damn-your-proper-grammar” attitude. With an emphasis on creative writing and course at Lincoln College, University of Tampa and the University of Maryland, Art was a Board of Governor’s Degree recipient from Western Illinois University. You can email Art any time, but he won’t see your message until the afternoon. Art is a night owl and doesn’t do mornings.

Patty Goff, co-editor-in-chief and co-publisher.

Patty specializes in genealogy and Onarga history, often compiling columns for the newspaper. Patty is also assistant secretary of the Onarga Lions Club, secretary of the Onarga Chamber of Commerce and secretary of the Onarga Historical Society. As you can see, she keeps busy. She is also the mother of three sons, Patrick, Timothy and Daniel; grandmother of one boy and seven girls; and the great-grandmother of three girls. Email Patty at the LTL email.

Art and Patty are animal lovers. They have eight “kidz.” Bonnie, Binky, Boomer, Clyde and Scruffy are the felines; Abbie, Benji and Reka are the dogs.

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