My independent escort experience from hell

My independent escort experience from hell

My intentions of writing this are not to dissuade you from using an independent escort. However, I feel that men should be aware of what is out there, in an uncontrolled market. I am sure that what happened to me has happened to many men out there already. If it has not already happened, it may well do so in the future. So, this is like a warning to be vigilant.

Booked a different escort to normally

I had been booking independent escorts for many years to suit my needs before booking this girl. I suppose you might be wondering why, if I had been booking escorts for so long, did I book a different girl than normal? Well, the answer is quite simple. I travel a lot for my job and spend weeks alone moving from one hotel to the other. I like to have intimate contact and also somebody who I can take for a meal from time to time. I am a hot blooded single male and an escort provides me with exactly what I need. As I am in different parts of the country, I book specific girls for where I am at that time. I was visiting a place that I had never been to before, so I needed a more local girl. Depending on where I am in the country, I will either choose a girl from Adorn escorts or just opt for an independent one. Thankfully escort agencies like adorn exist. I have never had need to complain about an Adorn girl. To be fair, I have not really needed to complain about an independent girl before until this day. The complaint would never exist if I had hooked up with an agency girl.

Should have been an alarm for me

I had booked this girl through a well-known agency directory. (It is where I have always booked independent escorts from in the past). So I thought I would get the same quality as always. The girl I chose had her face blurred in the photos for privacy reasons. Her body was to die for. I made contact and we arranged a day, time and place to meet. The following morning I received a message saying that she has problems and had to change the place and time. This should have been an early alarm for me, but I ignored it. The new time was ok for me. But I knew I would have problems with the location. It was not one of the most desired areas of the city. And I was slightly worried about my car. I mentioned this to her and she told me of a free parking area for the residents and that I could park there. We spent a few days exchanging messages to get to know each other better. She seemed like a complete professional.

Went ahead with the encounter

Feeling slightly more assured, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and go ahead as planned. I parked up in the parking lot that she had told me to use, then went on to her apartment. Yet, it was not an apartment. It was a flat in one of those high risers from the 70`s on an estate full of them. Maybe I was being judgmental because I was used to visiting high quality escorts in quality accommodation. The elevator to her flat reeked of stale urine and the light did not work. I approached the flat and saw this burly man in the doorway of the flat I was supposed to go to. To say I felt uneasy was an understatement. Apprehensively, I knocked on her door half expecting her to open and half expecting him to mug me! The strange thing was that neither of these happened. The man, who was stood in the doorway, was the one who opened the door for me. I awkwardly thanked him and went him. Now, from the profile, I was expecting a 31 year old slim escort. But the escort I saw was not 31, more like 51!, ok, that might be an exaggeration, but she was definitely around the 45 year old mark. No wonder she blurred out her face in the profile photo. Her body was slim and rather alluring, yet her face was lined with wrinkles that I was not expecting. The whole set up was just wrong for her to be an independent escort. The man in the doorway and her lying about her age was all wrong!

Glad she reduced the time – DISGUSTING!

With an escort, I was used to paying by the hour, normally, I book my escorts for a couple of hours at a go. But because she had changed the time I could only have an hour with this one. When I saw her I was exceptionally relieved that I had reduced the time. Her apartment was filthy, the bed sheets had not been changed in a while and her personal hygiene was not the best. To make things worse, the place reeked of stale smoke and old sex. You know what I mean by that. Stale sweat mixed with body fluids. It made my stomach roll. I just wanted to bolt. But the thought of that man in the doorway gave me the shivers. So, I decided to tell her that I was not after sex, I just wanted company, somebody to talk to. So we sat on her sofa and chatted. Turns out that the man in the doorway was her pimp. She used to be an escort, but fell into drugs and now is `cared forĀ“ by that man. Her photos were of when she used to work at an agency. After half an hour I had had enough. I was despondent and disappointed with what the whole situation. I wanted a professional escort. Not a drug addict who had pimped herself out. I told her that I had a meeting to go to and would have to cut the appointment short. At which point she panicked, she said her pimp would not accept anything less that the full hour. So I gave her the agreed 100 pounds for the hour and left.

I got into the car with a mixture of emotions. It was then that I decided to stop using independent escorts an only stick to the agency girls. If I had booked an agency escort I would not have been ripped off like I was.