Best ways for Independent escorts to make money

best ways for an independent escort to make money

The best ways for independent escorts to make money is hard work, dedication and investment. An independent escort is a self-employed business woman and therefore she will have business cost and overheads. The start up costs if becoming an independent escort are quite high. From professional photos, a website, adverts, incall accommodation and then tools of the trade, such as clothes and toys, it can be an expensive business to start up. Unfortunately, without these fundamental business start up costs, and independent escort won’t make maximum money as she will not stand out from the rest. An independent must spend the time and money marketing herself to make money in a competitive adult industry.

Once established, the best way for independent escorts to make money is to ensure she offers an unforgettable, memorable experience so that her clients return. Independent escorts must rely on regular clients to keep their earnings high. Unfortunately, independent escorts who have no regular clients have not made an effort and are not successful.

It is a misconception that being an independent escort is easy money! Your appearance, performance, telephone skills, organisation and adverts have to be more than perfect, not to mention the money needed before you even start. There is such a large choice of independent escorts that it can be hard to break into the market.

Working for a Birmingham escort agency is the best way!

Taking all of the above into consideration, the best way for independent escorts to make money is to quit and join an escort agency. The independent escorts who decide to join an escort agency soon realise there are many financial, time and safety benefits. For a start, with an escort agency there are no business start up costs. A successful escort agency will have a known website to put you on and will pay for your photos. A successful escort agency will have incall accommodation for you to work from. Most importantly escorts are safer working at an escort agency because they have security and will always know your whereabouts.

An independent escort will need a lot of money to start their business where as an escort who joins an agency has no start up costs. An independent escort will have overheads and bills whereas an escort who joins an agency has none. An escort who works for an agency will pay a little as she earns. Escorts who work for escort agencies make more money that independent escorts because they only pay their fees if they have work.

So, the best way for an independent escort to make money is quite simply collapse your business and contact a successful escort agency. The lack of stress and money worries makes escorts happier at escort agencies too!