Beauty Tips for Female Escorts

beauty tips for escorts

Beauty tips for female escorts is essential if you want to stand out from the rest of the world-wide escorts. In the escort industry, where appearance is everything, there are always ways to artifically improve your appearance.

So, let’s start off with the often-neglected feet! The feet are the two parts of your body used to carry you around all day. Particularly with escorts, your feet are expected to carry you around all day in crippling high heeled shoes. Subconsciously, as well as teeth, the feet are one of the first things that are noticed from a first encounter with an escort. An escort can obtain more clients if she has nice feet, from those clients seeking a foot fetish. So not only are beauty tips important for the feet’s appearance, looking after them can improve the health of escorts. An escort should soak her feet every night, exfoliate any dead skin and moisturize to ensure soft, young looking feet.. Toe nails should be clipped, manicured and painted with nail polish to match the escorts clothing. It is recommended that you do not use a live fish bath for removing dead skin as this has been linked to contagious diseases and sepsis. Once an escorts feet are looking and feeling presentably, they will carry you off to the next beauty tip.

As briefly mentioned above, teeth are one of the first things a client will notice about an escort. Therefore, one of the most important beauty tips is good oral hygiene. An escort must visit the dentist for regular checkups and ensure her teeth are dazzling white. An escort may have to have her teeth whitened to get a pearly white smile. According to a study on clients, the biggest turn off is an escort with dirty or crooked teeth.

Skin is important as an escorts clients touch it.

A daily skin regime is a vitally important for any female, not just escorts. The skin on the entire body should be moisturized to keep skin feeling soft. It is not very pleasant for a client caressing an escorts dry body. Included in an escorts daily skin routine is the cleansing and moisturizing of the face. A very important beauty tip for all girls is to take make up off every night before she goes to sleep. Overall, an escort will apply more makeup to her face a day that any other female. Therefore, an escort who applies and wears more makeup daily will get clogged pores and spots if she does not remove her makeup with facial skin remover. The cleansing of the face with baby wipes is a cheap and excellent beauty tip for escorts and the results are just as effective as expensive makeup remover creams.

The topic of cleaning the face, take us onto makeup itself. The best makeup beauty tip is to watch makeup tutorials on how to apply makeup correctly. Make up should also be applied in the correct colours for the occasion. For example, an escort wearing define glittery party makeup for a dinner date is most likely going to look out of place. The ability to use make up to contour an escorts face can give the appearance of a slimmer face, with high cheekbones without the use of surgery. We are not going to mention mascara to make the eyelashes longer, thicker and blacker. The best beauty tip to enhance the escorts eyes is the application of false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, no mascara can match the effect of false eyelashes for an escort. And there is nothing worse than a woman with mascara smeared around her eyes.

Nails add that finishing touch!

The next beauty tip is nails. If you are an escort who is lucky enough to have natural strong and pretty nails, then ensure you manicure and use nail polish to enhance them. No matter how much surgery a woman has, it’s the hands that always gives the first signs of the aging process. An escorts hands are constantly used and looked upon by the clientele. For example, an escort who has been asked to do a sex show that requires the escort touching herself, looks so much sexier with long, painted nails. Long red nails rubbing an escorts clitoris is much more attractive to watch then short stubbly, un painted nails. If you have not been blessed with natural nails, then a great beauty tip is to get nail extensions. Nail extensions are widely available and are very affordable, lasting up to a month if looked after correctly.

A bad hair day can make any escort feel untidy which can have a knock-on effect with her confidence. Hair should have a daily beauty regime of its own. Washing, brushing and styling or straightening an escorts hair can be the make or break in her appearance. It’s pointless having perfect makeup and sexy clothes, if an escorts hair is greasy and looks like she has just been pulled through a hedge backwards. But an escort must always remember that daily blow-drying or hair straighteners can actually damage the hair causing split ends. Therefore, an escort should have a daily hair routine of conditioning the hair. Coconut oil is a popular cheap method of conditioning the hair by escorts.

Although it is not a cosmetic beauty tip, an escort should never go on an appointment without perfume. It helps keep unwanted body odor away and can trigger as an aphrodisiac for the client. Pefume triggers one of the most important of the five senses. A client can be attracted to an escort simply because of the way she smells. Perfumes contain pheromones which makes the escort more attractive to the client. So perfume is a top beauty tip!

Top up that tan.

Fake tan or sun beds are considered a beauty tip to enhance an escorts appearance. However, caution should be taken to ensure the escort doesn’t look orange or ends up with skin cancer! Only certain English Rose type of escorts can really get away with having pale skin. Unfortunately, other escorts, unless they are naturally born with a darker skin tone, can look pale and ill. Therefore, many escorts top their tans up artificially. It is recommended to use fake tan rather than a sun bed due to the fact that is is safer and healthier. But, it is preferred as a beauty tip by escorts themselves, to have a professional spray tan rather than a buy over the counter home tanning kit. A professional spray tan will give an even cover all over the body. A professional spray tan can be applied to achieve a darker skin tone to suit the escorts natural skin tone. Unfortunately, we see too often, escorts who literally look orange with bikini lines due to the bad application of fake tan.

These beauty tips for female escorts have been given by professional escorts to boost your confidence and potentially give you more returning clients.